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This presentation shows all of the different promotions you may run on Facebook, Mobile, online as well as some traditional promotions that can help drive consumers to the web.

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2. FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A LEGENDARYCHEErSFOR PIZZA. SCOOTER Text cheer to 84444 to enter. Deadline April 15th, With the purchase of a frozen pizza. Enter the sweepstakes to win a Legendary Scooter from Cheerwine by texting cheer to 84444.CHEERWINE IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF THE CAROLINA BEVERAGE CORPORATION 3. NEW BALANCECFA helped New Balance create avery innovative game card utilizing whatwe call a static game card format. Thisunique execution allows New Balanceto deliver multiple marketing messagesall on one game card. The game cardactually contains 4 pages when peeledopen. In this example, New Balancedelivers a consumer charity contributionoffer that can be made online or via atext message plus a consumer $5rebate offer. This new peel-away formatis a very flexible and engaging methodto deliver your marketing message.