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April 2012 Helen Woodward Animal Center Travel Agency

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April 2012

Helen WoodwardAnimal Center

Travel Agency

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How It Works

Step 1Enter the criteria of the flight you want to purchase

Step 2Select the flight you want from the list of best available prices!

Step 3Complete your booking and the proceeds go to Helen Woodward


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The Proceeds


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What We Offer - You

Your very own Travel • Agency supported by Sharingpet

A New and • Innovative Way to Fundraise

Promotional Materials Featuring •Your Travel Agency and Brand

Ways to Reach out to New Donors •and Supporters Using Social Media

Easy Integration and Support•3

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Helen Woodward Travel Agency

This fully custom travel site designed

with your shelter in mind

will make it easy for donors

to book their next trip while

promoting Helen

Woodward’s mission.


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What We Offer - Donors

The Best Prices on Travel •

Giving to Helen Woodward •while Shopping

A Way to Spread the Word •through Social Media

Records of All Donations Made •to Helen Woodward

Finding homes for animals is just a click



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Promotional Materials

Other Promotional Materials:Adoption Handout with Travel Tips•Banner/Large Poster•Materials that Work Best for You!•

Letter Sized Flyer




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Instructions and FAQs

Sharingpet will provide comprehensive, concise instructions and FAQs. Topics Include:

How to Use the Site•Getting Help•Donations/Tracking•Changing or Canceling Your •Travel PlansPet Policies/Travel with Animals•Making it Possible to Save •1 Million More Pets this Year!


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Sharingpet is committed to your mission and will continue to support and innovate animal fundraising.

Through Sharingpet your supporters and donors can create their own virtual non-profit, virtually adopt your shelter animals and save more ani-mals every year!

Let us know how we can help you save more animals each and every year.

The Future